The background picture on this page is a super close-up photo of my Remington typewriter, made around 1930. I bought this machine decades ago at a flea market and used it during my studies at the film academy to write my scripts. It represents to me a basic tool of story creation. Unfortunately a typewriter was also a source of loud, continuous, and disturbing noise, and overall, I am glad that digitalization changed this.
Today, we live in the world of AI. Everyone and everything uses AI to create and produce at different quality levels, from fun to professional. There are a variety of great tools that also help my work a lot, but I still believe that in terms of a good narrative unique content and approach is important and the whole story must be told with rhythm, style, and feeling.
I have numerous professional credits as a director and cinematographer, producer, photographer, editor, and musician. It took me a lot of time, but my curiosity and passion for film are endless and  I simply like to see the film workflow from different angles to understand the needs of clients, agencies, and colleagues during the whole production process.

Thank you for your kind attention!

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