Film and Photography always fascinated me.
I was born in Budapest,  but fled the country with my parents when I was 6 years young. I grew up in Hamburg but traveled, due to the artistic background of my family, extensively around the globe. 
As a child, I loved to build all types of model sets,  buildings, landscapes and all types of vehicles. I photographed my creations from different angles, searching always for a realistic look and wrote stories taking place in these sets.  
At the age of 16 I had the opportunity to see an exclusive screening of the restored movie "Napoleon", directed by Abel Gance in 1927, at the Radio City Music Hall in New York. This silent movie was filmed simultaneously with three cameras and as their framings lined up, they created the first wide screen film experience ever. The movie was musically accompanied live by a huge orchestra. During the show I recognised that I am not only watching the movie itself, but more and more the faces of the audience, enjoying this unique show. I believe this evening had a big influence on my decision to become a filmmaker.
It took me a while to realise my ambition, and I also had to move back from Hamburg to Budapest, where  I enrolled in the Academy of Film and Theatre, which by the way was  a prestigious institution at the time. I am still grateful for the excellent education I received from Oscar-winning directors, cinematographers, and highly-qualified professors in history of the arts, aesthetics, theatre, scriptwriting  and also technical orientated subjects. 
I earned my first degree as a cinematographer and  a year later  my second degree as a film director. 
I launched my professional career with  projects  in the music-video industry, followed by TV advertisements, documentary films, and full-scale campaigns for various local and international clients and agencies. I also worked in a variety of B2B, Employer Branding and Social Media Campaigns.
Obvoiusly as a modern filmmaker I am used to work with a great range of equipment. But the most important in a film is always the story. I believe without a good story a film is just a technical accomplishment.

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